Today I am celebrating all the ladies out there who have been through the most and still managed to be on top of their game.

Women who didn’t allow their situations to victimize them but instead stood up and just did it...Women who forced themselves to put one foot in front of the other and just fight though it all…

Never apologize for being a powerful fucking Woman


Tonight we are laying low

I can’t keep up, she said with a deep sigh

Sometimes everything hits you all at once. It’s up one day and down the next.You have it all together on Monday and by Thursday you don’t have a clue. You have your life planned out and goals set by sunrise but all of that seems to disappear by sundown...It comes to a point where you shock yourself when you realize for a moment you are actually worry free…but when you realize that, you can’t enjoy the little Joy that you feel in that moment anymore because everything can change with a snap of a finger.

All my life, I’ve always been a step ahead of things…I’ve always seen myself as the stable one. I’ve always known what to do most times…but lately; lately I’ve lost direction…I’ve lost touch with the stable me.

I get the feeling that the world is going so fast and I am lagging behind trying so hard to keep up but I can’t. Yes I’ve tried…Everything seems to be changing all at once.

The people around me are changing

The things I once found comforting are not so comforting anymore

The things I loved to do, have been put aside and replaced by the “I don’t care anymore” mood,

So much is going on and so much is changing and I can’t keep upMind you it’s not because I don’t want to but because I don’t know how to…

I don’t know how to readjust

I don’t know how I can change the being that I am to fit the new schedule of the changes around Me.

I can’t keep up…

So since that part has failed, I am going to do something else…

“Tonight I am laying low

In a world that moves so fast that we forget to take it slow

I don’t want to look in the mirror and wonder

“Where did she go”

So I am taking my time, and laying low”

Danielle Bradbery

Maybe I was looking at it from the wrong angle…Maybe I am not supposed to constantly try and adapt and adjust to the changes around me. Maybe I am just supposed to let what ever is happening happen and just move on…So I am going to do exactly that…

Note to Self:

Dear Me

We regret to inform you that your application to constantly try and keep up with the changing persons and Changing world around you has been declined.

We’ve officially resigned from trying to keep up with the constant changes...We are taking our time to readjust and figure out what to do…or atleast what we want-We are taking a deep breath in and just letting go…we are taking our time

We are not going to fight battles that are not ours and we are not going to put anyone else before ourselves…

We are going to remember that at the end of the day we are all we’ve got…

With love: Me


You Do have Time

“There’s just no time” she said as she rushed her way through life trying to catch up with everyone. She complained there was just not enough time as she compared her achievements to those around her…The one thing she didnt see though, was that she had enough time, only she spent it trying to be where everyone is…She spent it drawing up a comparison table between her and the rest of the world…She had time, only she wasn’t paying attention…

Moral: Remember you are in a different time zone with the people around you…If you keep thinking you need to be where others are at the same exact time, you are making life complicated for yourself…

At times we tend to look at others and think ow God she has her shit together…what’s wrong with me?

Already with that question we are encouraging a negative mindset by thinking something is wrong with us…which then leads us to making radical life decisions not knowing we are not in the right state of mind and that it is our emotions that are tooling with us…We rush into buying things we never intended to get, we rush into relationships we didn’t need...We basically rush our way through life trying to catch up or trying to keep up with our people...

It’s sad really

This is what you have to remember:

We all go through life at different stages. Just keep on going forward. progress is all that matters. Don’t let the achievements of those around you rush you into doing things you had no interest in doing at that exact time…Your time will come…and when that happens, you too will have something to show off…

…Swim your way to Shore

“He hurt me”, she said with a breaking voice. And you know what the worst thing is, she continued…

“He is not even sorry”

We’ve all been hurt before…Some of us are still hurting really. We’ve been hurt by the ones we love, the people close to us and just random people really. And we’ve hurt people too…but the thing is when we are hurt, when we are the victims,we dwell on with questions like “Why”

What we don’t realize though,is that when we keep asking ourselves that question, when we keep dwelling on with thoughts like why people hurt us, we are not healing…what we are doing is hurting ourselves even more…especially when the people who hurt us are not sorry or just don’t get it at all and we get no closure. So most of us most times , we distance ourselves from those who hurt us hoping maybe they will miss our presence and start asking why we are distant and then maybe eventually, they will come to us and tell us they are sorry or that they understand why we feel the way we do…But in the meanwhile, as we dwell on with questions, the chance to move past whatever happened gets even slimmer…

I think most of us have this mentality that the only way we can move past a heartbreak is if the person who hurt us actually apologizes and admits to being in the wrong. I mean that’s what I believe…scratch that…that’s what I believed.

The unfortunate thing is that many of us watch the hands on the clock spin their way into new days,weeks,months and even years as we wait for the people who broke our hearts to understand the weight of their damage..

We lay in a pool of pity instead of swimming ourselves to shore…where closure and joy will meet our feet in the sand…

Pierre Jeanty

Recently, I realized that you can’t wait on people who hurt you to come and save you from the misery they left your heart in. It’s not their responsibilityYes it’s their fault you feel the way you feel be it sad,angry or even betrayed…but it’s not their responsibility to get you back to your happy place. That my dear, is actually your responsibility. If you are going to wait on them to come and help lift you up, you might just end up waiting forever.

You put on your big boy pants and work your way to your happy place


and if it’s any consolation, most times, the people who hurt us are hurting too…

It’s not you…it’s them

I didn’t plan on working on any blog posts today but I felt I needed to say this…so this was my morning…(By the way had an awesome weekend with my baby Elina 😍 but we will talk about that someday…)

So as I was saying…So neee

I posted a picture on Facebook last night mos, and today I saw there were notifications…people commented…so I scrolled through and it was right there…one word…

A random guy commented on my picture “Spaghetti” (well he wrote spahetti 😂,but ow well,not the point)my first reaction was mhhmmmm..,then I laughed. I didn’t know if I needed to take offense or to take it as a compliment.

My first interpretation of his comment was based more on the negative side but then I thought…why let myself think his comment had a negative idea behind it and ruin my day? Why just decide he had negative intentions when he wrote that…

So I told myself to look at it from a different perceptive…my perception and not his… I reminded myself his idea of me was not my idea of me…so instead of dwelling on the what he meant with that…I made up my own meaning…

he simply meant like Spaghetti, the very delicious spaghetti,I look delicious 😋…so I told myself he basically called me A WHOLE MEAL🤪

Awwww…thank you😊.

I mean maybe he meant to say something else…but I chose to make my own interpretation.

I wanted to respond to his comment with some great comebacks like maybe thank you porridge or something but well …I. stopped myself…his comment had nothing to do with me but everything to do with him. And also what if he simply just made an error and typed spaghetti instead of spectacular 😂😂😂…So I didn’t comment, I took the high road and simply left it as it was.

The point I am trying to emphasize here is…So many people will have different opinions, and comments about you.From the way you look, the things you do to the silliest things like basically your whole existence .Their perceptions of you will be different but you don’t have to worry or dwell on with the why people say what they say or what they could possibly mean when they throw their silly comments at you.

The only thing that you have to do is worry about your perception of you…What you think of yourself is all that matters in the end…

🌸Blessed Sunday y’all 🌸

For you on a choose day

You were meant to do great things…You are greatness …So on a choose day, choose yourself…Give your self a pat on the shoulder for you have come this far. Applaud your self for you deserve the love and appreciation that you freely give others.

Today, know that you are the answer

to someone’s need in this world.

You are here on purpose, for a purpose, and you are important to the world around you.

You are equipped and able to accomplish

all God has for you!…#stolen






#skinny is offensive too

Why don’t you accept compliments? He asked

Because it feels like I’m being lied to

She said with a wobbly voice

Body shaming has been and still is among the many things that most of us go through. It’s seemingly never ending- if you have a body, you’ve probably felt that it’s been subject to commentary at some point.

We’ve all seen and heard people say it’s rude to call someone FAT…Yes it is but my focus today is on the people on the other side of the scale…the SKINNY population. I’ve lived for 23 years and in those years I’ve learned that calling someone fat and making any funny comment about someone for being fat is rude. I agree. But here is the thing; somehow society doesn’t think it’s rude to call someone skinny. And yes , at a point that was my thinking too. I’ve been skinny all my life; I’ve never gone above 50kg on a scale. I’ve been called skinny and been compared to the smallest things in life but that never got to me. I’ve had my fair share of insecurities but my body size was never one of them…which I am guessing is the reason I never once thought it was rude to be called skinny. Maybe I thought the fact that I was okay with me being skinny everyone else in the same category should be okay with it…which I am now only realizing it was selfish of me to think that way.

I’ve had people close to me; express how bad they felt every time a funny comment was made about their small bodies. I didn’t think it was an issue to be called skinny but then I saw how my friends were affected by the sleazy comments. I’ve watched some of them go out of their way trying to put on some weight because their legs were compared to chopsticks or because they are labeled Bony.

I am going to share with you stories of two people, both victims of skinny body shaming.One has found her way out and the other one is still struggling…but I will share both sides…for reasons known only to me, one identity will be hidden😊… Trust me, maybe most of us don’t see this but being called skinny is just as scarring as being called fat.

Anonymous shared that:

people always said things like you don’t eat or you are tiny.I would always have to alter my clothes coz I felt that they were big. Believe me, I felt really insecure about myself beause I felt that if I wore something tight, people would judge my look and stuff. I always felt uncomfortable around people. I don’t even wear whatever I want anymore because I’m scared people will say or think something about my tiny legs or my tiny bony arms. It was really tough and it still is, I don’t even like to miss a meal. I just learned to accept my tiny frame, embrace it and work towards getting my big body.

I gave up on gaining weight so many times.

Maybe you didn’t believe me then but I am sure by now you can tell those are words of Someone who is deeply wounded by what most of us think is not a big deal…

Then Meet Nali… The girl who clapped back with her revenge body…Today she posted a gorgeous picture of herself but it was her caption that got my most attention. She wrote:

The best feeling is when you get to a place of self-love and acceptance after struggling with insecurities for years. Daily reminders about how tiny I am, how I need to start eating as if I didn’t, hating shopping trips because I never found a size that fits me in the adult section. Cautiously eating calorie rich food and buying unnecessary food just to add a few pounds. Going to the gym for a season helped but what helped with the most peace of mind and happiness, the moment I stopped caring about the number on the scale and just lived I noticed most of my gains.

She further continued by saying this

Love yourself. You have 1 life. Live it to the fullest. If you can do something about your situation do it…but don’t obsess over it, just let loose and be happy with who you are… surround yourself with people that love you for you.

Well there you have it…I couldn’t have said it any better…So maybe let’s not make comments on how skinny someone is or how bony they are especially if you can see that they are insecure about their bodies…Take note that as much as we think it’s hurtful when we call people fat…the same thing applies to being called skinny.

It’s understandable to want to feel good about your body, just don’t put other body types down when you are doing it